After the Potluck Dinner Party

All said and done it was a great party. Food was awsome, conversation was lively and you couldn’t ask for more.

Now for the clean up. We load the dishwasher up with as many of the plates that we can and start the machine. We have a choice: clean up now when we are tired and achy and will take twice as long OR pour ourselves a coffee, turn on the TV for about 30 minutes and sigh a big sigh of relief. (I used to be fanatical about cleaning up everything before going to bed but by the time we finished that chore, I was almost sorry we had the party in the first place.)

At some of our previous parties, we have had 75 glasses alone to wash. So now we pretty much always opt for going to bed THEN cleaning up. In the morning when we get up, we are refreshed. So….we turn on the coffee pot and run the hot water and add dishsoap. Put in all the silverware and let it soak while we have that first cup of coffee.

With the silverware out of the way now change the water to fresh, hot soapy water in one sink and in the other side, half fill with hot water but now add about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of pure white vinegar. I always get out fresh drying cloths to use. Wash the glasses with care and swirl in the vinegar water and dry. This ensures we always have sparkling glasses.

In less than one hour the kitchen is clean and you now can have that second cup. Now, I can pat myself on the back for another stress free evening of entertaining. (Oh, by the way, did I mention Don made that Thai dish? Should have been here. Absolutely awsome to say the least)


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