Britain’s Wedding of William and Kate

I was one of probably millions who braved the wee hours of the morning to watch this from beginning to ALMOST the end. Being a hat lover and owner of several myself, I was blown away with the hats. I absolutely loved looking with mouth open at some of them. Splendid indeed!

The two Princes were as handsome as ever and I loved it when Harry looked back at the bride coming down the aisle and whispering to his brother “wait until you see her”. When she stood beside William, he leaned over and told her how beautiful she looked. Hmmmm! You can’t script this stuff.

If being a “commoner”  means showing the world what understated elegance looks like take a gander at the stunning ensemble her mother wore. Absolutely perfect. The Queen looks terrific in that shade of yellow and it fitted the occasion so well.

I’ve left the best to last….KATE and THE DRESS. wow, wow, wow. this lady knows what suits/fits/looks the very best she could for her Prince and the rest of the world.

Was it worth the sleeplessness? Absolutely! Would I do it again? Just wait until Harry gets married. You bet I will!


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