Oh My, My My Martini

Okay, so the temperature is getting hotter and the breeze from the patio/deck/beach is ever so gentle. What you need now is a martini that will have you saying “Oh My, My, My”.


It takes:

  • 2 parts chocolate vodka
  • 2 parts White Chocolate Liqueur
  • 1 part White Creme de Cacao
  • 1 part Irish Cream
  • 1 part Raspberry Liqueur (like Chambourd)

Melt some white chocolate and rim the glasses.  Place in the refrigerator to harden the chocolate.

Pour the Vodka and Creme de Caco in a shaker filled with crushed ice and shake well. Strain into the chilled glasses. Now pour the balance of the liquids into another shaker with crushed ice and shake well.

Here comes the fun part: Invert a spoon so that it rests on the opposite side of the glass (pointy end touching the base of the glass). Now slowly strain and  pour the ingredients over the first layer. This might take a little practice.  Garnish with a few fresh Raspberries.

Anyone you care to share this with will keep saying…’Oh My, My, My”.

Note: drink responsibly.


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