Impromtu Breakfast Planning

A few years back there was a showing in Victoria highlighting Leonardo da Vinci just after Christmas. We asked a couple of friends if they wanted to join us.  Well, we were off.

The day before we were leaving it was announced that the lunchroom staff on the ferry were on strike. Did that deter four determined friends? Not at all.

This is what we did.

I got up really early and made fresh cranberry scones and blueberry lemon muffins (The B & B Cookbook). We packed a picnic basket with tablecloth, napkins, butter, knives, candles (I did so), plates and, of course, a deck of cards. We were bridge fanatics.

While we were enjoying our scrumptuous breakfast, people were giving us and our precious cargo a second look. We played bridge until we arrived in Victoria.

That is not all. After the museum visit and dinner, we opened up the picnic basket again and, lo and behold, we unload cheese, pate, nuts and candies to help us through a vigorous night of bridge. Our friends could not believe their eyes. This, by the way, started a trend that lasted  about 15 years of travels together.

It was a lot of fun. Try it yourselves.


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