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Valentine’s Day was super special this year. We dined at the Sonora Room in the Burrowing Owl Winery.  Kelly, our daughter, gave us a gift card for Christmas and we made good use of it last night.


The ambience was set with a view of the lights over the valley, a lit fireplace and  harpist playing beautiful love songs.  It was romantic to say the least.  Now for the menu.

Don had the Hot Smoked Okanagan Salmon appetizer.  It was Espelette pepper, baby frisee, caper citrus creme fraiche and lightly smoked salmon.  He said it had a light and delicate smoky flavor.

As is our habit, I ordered the organic sweet corn veloute.  It had butter poached spot prawns and droplets of chive oil.  It was pure velvet.  OMG it was so good. The wine pairing for this was Burrowing Owl’s Pinot Gris 2009.

The main course was next. Don ordered the red wine braised beef shortrib with crushed nugget potato, smoked portabella, horseradish butter in a braising reduction.  Trust me, there as nothing left on his plate.

I, on the other hand, ordered a oven roasted free range chicken breast with sweet potato on a chestnut tart, rosemary-coronation grape gastrique with a chicken jus. Again, plate clean and beginning to moan.  The pairing for this was Burrowing owl Pinot Noir 2008. I opted for the Pinot Gris.  It was a really nice wine.

You would think we had enough to eat but no. Dessert was next.  Don went for the backyard cherry and bittersweet chocolate pate with espresso-hazelnut mousse and a salted caramel sauce.  He let me taste and it was heaven on a plate.  their presentation is so beautiful. You don’t want to eat it, just look at it.  Not!.  Don did take a picture of the desserts.

I went for the cardomom and wildflower honey creme brulee with a ginger and white chocolate shortbread wafer.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  It was out of this world.  The pairing was a rustic roots apricot dessert wine.  I wasn’t fond of the pairing on this one.  I found it too musky and actually had a bitter note to me, so my taste would have gone in a different direction.  We finished the evening with a wonderful cup of coffee.

“Throughout the night we were pampered with the service from Ingela.  What a delight.  We loved to listen to her laugh.

Thank you Kelly. Thank you Burrowing Owl for putting out a wonderful evening that was not too hard on the pocketbook as some of the lovely winery restaurants tend to be.  Would we return? Absolutely. Will you enjoy it? Without a doubt.

Cost is $$$ and worth it.


3 thoughts on “Burrowing Owl Winery-Restaurant Blog

  1. When someone writes an article like this, the reader can understand it and know it will be an honest critique. Thanks!

  2. So glad you enjoyed it! After that review, I will indeed be going there myself next time in town!

  3. Thanks for the review and we are thrilled that you enjoyed the evening. Chef Chris and his team worked very hard to be ready for Valentine which was our first day open for the 2012 season.

    From your review it sounds like they are off to a good start !

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