Mother’s Day 2012

Mother’s are a special kind of human being. Some are good…some not so good…some super special but all are Mothers.  To be a mother I feel you are chosen for reasons unknown or unspoken for that particular child given you.

We are given hearts that expand with every movement, word, gurgle, laugh, hug or kiss.  We have broken hearts when our child is hurt or says hurtful things to us when they really don’t know what else to do.

We go every step of the way:  kindergarten, Grades 1 thru 12, perhaps College or University or trade…..always watching from a distance to catch them when they fall or are hurt because of a lost love or dying friend, question them to understand their thinking on a choice made and encourage all the way in what they do and do well.

I ache so much for my daughter who lives far away and a mother who has since left us for a better home with her beloved husband (my dad). We remember all the times we have shared and hope to continue sharing.

Yup! Mom’s are special people. I am one and know that only I  could love my child with the fervor and intensity that I do; only I could pray every day for safety in all actions she takes, wisdom in her thinking, and cry when we don’t communicate more often, fully knowing we love each other.

When we moved away from my parents, I never realized just how much we were missed, even though we spoke daily for 20+ years.

To one and all,  Happy Mother’s Day and may God Bless each and every one with riches and treasures greater than what money could ever purchase.






1 thought on “Mother’s Day 2012

  1. It is because of you that I know I’ve been truly, deeply loved.

    I’ve been blessed (or cursed) with having experienced the ‘love of my life’ early on my journey. I know what fire, depth, and soul connection is all about. And I know I will experience that caliber again – as I was built for it…

    But a Mother’s love, MY Mother’s love, the one you have for me – is out of the stratosphere. In my teens and early ‘adult’ years, I could not even remotely appreciated it.

    As I approach my ahem – middle years (good grief!) It was because of you I shined.

    With all my heart – I thank-you

    Love & Peace,
    Kel xo

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