Three Day Respite

Sometimes we are blessed with friends.  Sometimes a short while, others a lifetime. I have two of those friends and when you include one of the husbands, it would make three.  Let me explain about friendship.

Our parents met in Grade one and kept that friendship flowing and growing for over 80 years.  That alone is some feat.  Now comes three girls…we have been friends, basically, from the womb.  Wendy and Judith.  Judith’s husband, Len, has been around for more than 52 years, so I guess that must absolutely count.  So now our friendship is rallying at 69 years, and counting.

The last (baby) to join the group is Bill. He is the baby in the group both in time in the “family” and age. Pfft!

The laughs are so many our cheeks hurt;  we all share in the cooking both breakfasts, dinners and it seems that lunch is an after-thought.  We hadn’t shared that kind of a time together since last year when we moved away and it had been 15 years since we spent 4 days together at the same location.

If you are so lucky to have good friends, those who laugh and cry with you and know all your warts and still love you….hang on as tight as you can.  It doesn’t come to everyone and is a treasure that money cannot buy.  Bill, by the way has been in the group for close to 18-20 years and my husband is just ahead at 24 years.

Everyone get along, and we always have so many memories to talk about, what we all like, what programs we watch on TV and why. Jokes a bound….so much our cheeks hurt from laughing.

Good friends, good times and great memories still in the making. What a wonderful life!




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  1. Just realized it is your SECOND anniversary on the net. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!! and keep up the good work. We love to read of your thoughts and recipes.

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