Father’s Day Weekend

I always tell Don when he has this golf weekend with his boys, this is also MY weekend. Well, let’s see…..

Yesterday, I had the remote in MY hand and I could watch whatever I wanted to….okay, who can find anything but re-runs? That’s okay, they were good the first time. Oh yeah, I rearranged the patio furniture, changing the kitchen area and then the seating/conversation¬† side (reversed them actually).

Day 2…bake for Don’s special dinner and make the special muffins Maurice said he really liked (back Sunday morning), do the laundry, plan the dinner, wrap his present, set the table and try to catch a few friends to have a girl-chat…okay,so it’s Saturday and no one is home. Scratch that idea.

Dinner is going to be:

  • 8 oz. Filet Mignon with Bernaise sauce,
  • Lobster tail with an Orange-Tarragon sauce,
  • ¬†mashed sweet potato,
  • fresh baked buns,
  • baked asparagus,
  • individual strawberry/blueberry shortcake. WHEW!

I also volunteered a couple of hours at the Arena for the racers picking up their packages for two races tomorrow. We must be the race town for all of B.C. Last month it was the Half Ironman and in August the Ironman race comes through here.

As a Father/Step-dad and Husband, he is the best so with each sinful bite. we will talk about all the fun he had…yup he’s worth it.

Okay, now where is the wine?…..later.




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