Professionals? Not….

I am getting so ticked off I can hardly think. The word professional conjures up things like…studied hard to attain the title, worked hardto prove you earned title, and would NEVER be anything less than professional.

Teachers, at least in B.C., hold for ransom the children and parents. Grade 12’s were robbed of their grads (as they were before the ‘professionals” went on strike) and awards were not given out, report cards were not marked…but their leader ??? told us consistently they were ‘only looking out for the children’..poppycock…it was for more money.

This strike cost parents hundreds of dollars out of their pocket. The teachers….still on strike. Oh, yeah, I forgot..they wanted MORE money. But they only had the children in mind this whole time

Hockey players and all “professional” athletes…money,money, money. I really don’t feel that ANY man/woman is worth multi millions and then have the audacity to go on strike for more money. In the meantime, businesses that depend on these events go broke, close down and have no way to pay wages, mortgages of their own B UT the professional athlete doesn’t give a rat’s darn about that. It is always about money, money, money. Millions are lost and can never be gained back….ever.

I feel I am a professional…I go to work each and every day, I work hard to attain the same level of professionalism….now does that mean I can go on strike? For what? Money- Not…..Comments…sometimes….pleasing a reader because they could venture forth and make one of the recipes that just might give her cause to tremble…..absolutely. I have had years and years of ‘professional’ entertaining, table setting, finding and making signature drinks to present to guests, teaching you, my readers, to try to go one step further and try upping the presentation.

Mad? Absolutely….Can I do anything about this? Probably not…Do you even care? Only your comments will show. Pass it along to all your friends and see if they care.

I am done. I have tried now for over 2 years to do something that you might like, but when I challenged you to add even one person, I would donate to the Food Bank, but there was no response.

 As crazy as this sounds, this has been a passion of mine, I loved coming to work each and every day and always, always tried to make it so you could entertain well and feel good about yourself. I love this blog. I really do.
My husband said the other day, I am only doing this for me. I got angry but I guess he is right. I am in tears that this has not done what I prayed for.

Two years ago, I promised my husband and Bill, my guru and constant helper, I would not miss a day. Even when we went on vacation , I always had my work ready to be posted each and every day. All I got in return was porn hacking to my site….twice. Cost a couple of hundred dollars to clean it up.

I thought I was being a professional…….


2 thoughts on “Professionals? Not….

  1. Bonnie,
    I, for one, read your blog with a lot of interest on a frequent basis. You are an inspiration for entertaining and your recipes are wonderful. I am and don’t expect to be the kind of entertainer that you are but it never hurts to dream. Please accept my thanks for a great job and continue to inspire me and many others.

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