Day Before Dinner

Okay, okay, I know I have said many, many times to plan ahead and I did, sort of….

Today, while Don is baking his duck terrine (started prepping last night), I went for a pedicure. Why? I needed it…

I came home, vacuumed the kitchen floor and washed it, washed the floors in the two bathrooms on the upper floor, waiting for Don to be finished with the oven. When he is done I shall peel, core and season my fruit to be baked and ready for tomorrow. I have to crush the gingersnaps, and prepare the topping for the dessert.

I still have to finish the table and oh, crap, as I was typing this, I just remembered I have dinner rolls to do.

We have the horsie durves (deliberately spelled this way) to start and then go down to the “Gathering Room” and vacuum, dust, and set up for our guests. Then I have that bathroom to clean.

After collapsing tonight with a drinkie-poo, tomorrow it is just the last minute touches. I have flowers (fresh) at the front entrance and fresh flowers at each setting on the table. There is a fresh bouquet on the table in the livingroom.

Candles are out and ready to be lit (non scented, due to allergies) and there we go. Another dinner done.

Fun? Absolutely… to come




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