Sweet Potato Rounds

‘Tis the season for many parties and evenings out. If you are planning such an evening or are going to a home where you are all taking something to add to the menu, try these appetizers.

Slice unpeeled sweet potatoes (white ones, not yams -orange ones) in 1/2 inch circles and place in a single layer on parchment lined cookie sheets. Spray a little pam on the parchment and roast until the bottoms are lightly browned in a 400 degree oven.  This should take about 23-27 minutes.

You can top these with spicy black beans, crumbled feta cheese and cilantro leaves. You also can try sour cream and a tsp. of salsa or pesto, and  any cheese of your choice.

The idea is to make them your own. They are gluten-free and not hard on anyone’s diet. Just place them out on the table, have napkins, plates, serving spoons and let your guests help themselves.



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