Christmas 2012 Table Theme

This year, as with every year, it is always a trick for me to come up with a different table theme. I really mean the colour of the cloth and how to change it up a little. It is going to be just a ‘take five’ moment. Take another 5 minutes of  your time to really look at the table and then bring it up a notch.

Here are a few steps how to do just that.



This year….I decided to do a table with black, gold and silver. One of the reasons being I had the silver decorations (balls, etc.), wreaths – new this year but for only pennies each one. I put one in each of the two dining room windows. If you can gather your own materials from nature, go for it.

I found some artificial large poinsettias I had used before and placed one in each of the wreaths. They look great. I added a couple of the silver Christmas balls to hang sporadically and it took on a whole new look. Very chic!

A big box grocery store opened just a couple of weeks ago and they, of course, had  many specials on and one was little Christmas trees wrapped in red tree bases. Also, they had gold and silver balls in a big package especially for small trees. Well! I couldn’t let that one go. Besides we also had two trees I stand by the fireplace and they only had a couple of balls on them. I was able to add so many more now and they look great.

Okay, not done yet.  The little trees needed a top. We looked high and low through several stores and couldn’t find anything. Then…..I saw a pkg. of small red bows. Being a desperate woman I bought them (again for only pennies).  I think they were to go on a tree or present or whatever. I chose the whatever and put one on each tree. Voila! Done.

From previous years, I had a silver mesh table cloth topper. I pulled it out and it worked so well. Again…no additional cost but it takes me years to add things that can be used. Besides, when you operated a Bed and Breakfast (12+ years) and entertained a lot like we used to do, you do gather things.

I had black napkin covers, black and gold Christmas “crackers” and we were given 12 black and gold Christmas Ball place card holders a couple of years ago as a Christmas gift from a special niece and, again, it is now put to good use.

I dug out some gold coloured little stockings.  I think they were supposed to go on a tree, but I would put a lottery ticket and candy cane in each one and place one at each setting. One more little step to go and complete that extra five I asked you to take.

I was given as a gift from Suzanne and family one year of 12 little gravy boats. So….once everyone has loaded up their plates, they also have extra gravy should they need some. Also, each setting has their own salt and pepper shakers.

We have two pictures here…1 shows the table setting like normal…the other shows what the ‘extra’ steps bring the level to.

Again, treat family, friend and guests in your home the same and take the extra five…..It shows. It means a lot to those who sit at  your table.  It is just another ‘Damn I Can Do This’ moment. You’ll feel proud at what you can accomplish with new and old things combined.

Good job one and all. Merry Christmas and have fun with your own table. Let me know how it all works for you.

The pictures are #1 and #2



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