New Year’s Eve – 2012

I have tried, for the past several hours, to come up with something earth shattering to say and I don’t have anything. I can tell you what is important to me without making any resolutions for the upcoming year.

Health – everyone says “good Health” in the New Year. What does that mean? In our house it means living to the best we can in our own situations. Good meant in that respect? I’ll take it, with heartfelt thanks.

Wealth – money? size of the house you reside in? fancy car? Here, in our home, it means we have each other and our love that grows on a consistent wave and never, ever taking the other for granted; it means having the best home for our dreams and plans that we could have after all these years;  it means we have five children from two families that have blended together on a fairly decent level and four “perfect” grandchildren (at least in our eyes); it means our extended families are all well and fit.

It means, in our life,  we give to others as much as we can be it food for the Food Bank, clothing for the Shelters or a smile and helping hand whenever and wherever it would help someone else.

Resolutons to be made – none. I, on a pesonal level, will continue on with a fitness program that was started about 10 weeks ago and one from which I took a brief ‘leave of absence’ over the holidays. I will endeavour not to ever say or do anything that would intentionally hurt or embarrass another person.

It means that, although I have been a bit negligent, will continue to keep my faith strong within my heart and life and shine on others as my diligent attempts to try to share take place.

Never to have pity parties on my behalf or anyone else in my life. Courage is standing tall, facing whatever comes your way and coping to the best of your being. On this, I know a lot. I could write a book I think.

So, in the most sincere way from my heart to yours may 2013 bring you all you strive for, to be and plan for. God Bless!


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