After Our Dinner For Four – Comments

They came, we ate, we laughed and we chatted the evening ¬†away-okay…that doesn’t quite sum it all up to anyone’s satisfaction, does it?

It was a wonderful, relaxing evening with a couple who, we were able to ascertain, enjoy pretty much the same things as we do.  Believe it or not, the two men had done a lot of the same (or similar lines) of work when they were younger.

We did the dinner in a relaxing manner and realized that it took us about 5 hours to finish the evening – pretty much spent at the dining room table.

After our guests left, I poured us a coffee and we sat for 15-20 minutes until the eyelids were closing and went to bed.

After many, many years of always cleaning everything up and going to bed with no hint of a dinner party left, it is easier to put a load in the dishwasher and say goodnight. In the early morning, I get up and tidy all the previous nights dishes, etc. It is so much faster to do this when you are well rested and able to face “the music” so to speak.

We have been profusely thanked for our efforts and all is good. Getting ready now for the next one coming up. March 17th…watch for it.



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