Saturday Dinner For Four

We invited a couple from our neighborhood for dinner tonight. Charlotte has been here before and is aware of the goings on BUT her husband, John, isn’t. So……pampering is the name of the game.

This is the supper we have planned and it is going to be so much fun to pull off. We love doing this, so read on. Remember our motto is, all who enter here are treated like royalty. Not to show off but to show how delighted we are to have your company.

To start with, I used my beige ultrasuede tablecloth (I made it years ago), stayed with a black and tan theme from charger plates to glasses. The shots of colour came from the flowers and the plates used. Individual candles at each setting, as well as salt/pepper shakers, butter dishes and bread plates complete the table.

Signataure Drink and Hors d’Oeurves

When  we were in France three years ago, I really liked the drink “Kir”.  It is a 1 oz. of Cassis and 3 oz. chilled white wine. Yummy! Don made Potato Rostis with Lemon Cream. OMG, we have sampled a few already (we call it quality control). Sucks to be us, right?


Soup and Salad

I made my favourite “Blueberry Soup” with blueberry yogurt and fresh blueberries. I love this soup. Chilled but delightful then on to the “Festive” Salad. This is, also, a favourite of mine. It is colorful and super tasty. The wine for these two courses is Piesporter.


Beef Bourguingnon with Baby Potatoes, glazed beets and baby carrots.

Don makes the best that you could ever taste. I know you think I may be bragging but, so help me, this is why we are still together. He’s a great cook and I’m a great sampler……tee hee. The wine for this course is Pinot Noir. The meat is cooked with it as well so we are just bringing out the flavours.


Now, for a change of pace (we have never done this before) a small plate of green and red grapes and a few slices of cheese, served with a glass of Lemoncella.  This will clear the palette for the upcoming dessert.


I made a maple pots de creme with salted maple sauce and a praline topping. With this is a bitter chocolate chunk salted cookie. The pairing of the sweet and the bitter is incredible and with this is a small glass of well chilled Burgundy Ice Wine.

Coffee/tea and conversations…..

Another great evening and, yes, we were delighted to have you with us. Just a note to let you know that the soup, salad and dessert were eaten before I took pictures. So sorry. Next time.


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