Plans For A Green Party

Ha, ha! It is for St. Patrick’s Day. This actually started two years ago when our friend, Sharon, wanted to celebrate her birthday (the very same day). Plans were made and we were to meet at a pub in Mission, B.C.

As we have a large van we took everyone in our vehicle and, due to the fact Don was our designated driver for the night, we picked everyone up and away we went.  Sharon gave us all bright green shamrock necklaces (I still have mine, thank you very much) and the laughter, songs sung, green beer (yup) and ambience was more fun than I could possibly describe.  Well, now….on the way home we all started to sing. Guess what? No one could remember the words after the first sentence or two but then they picked one song and sang it all the way home. Whenever they come to our home, they start singing it. Shameful, isn’t it?

I digress. We are having a St. Patrick’s Pub Food evening on Sunday and  I can tell you our house is becoming quite green. Shamrocks galore, green candles, napkins are starting to show up.

We ‘took the five’ I keep talking about and googled the pubs in Ireland and checked out their menus to see if we are on the right page. We are…

We are starting with Dried Ribs (brought by one of our guests)

Believe it or not “Classic Poutine”, Beef and Guiness Pie, Mac ‘N Cheese, Pea Soup, and Sticky Toffee Pudding. Green Beer and/or wine throughout. As one of our friends does not eat sweets, we will have a plate with fruit and cheeses, crackers.

We asked the “Irishman” among us (complete with lilting voice) to bring his guitar.  (my father was Irish so I guess that counts). Do you think we will have fun? You bet. I will put up the pictures next week.


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