Christmas Gathering or Wine And Cheese Gathering

Call it what you will, it is a wonderful way with friends to celebrate the Christmas Season. Yesterday I  put together the dough for 2 lots of cheese shortbread. One goes to my daughter for her friends and the other one for our party next Saturday. I also made fruit and Nut shortbread and baked those off this morning. In case I hadn’t done enough,  I figured, ever so crazily, I should make chocolate chip cookies for my husband. Done!

Now, today, the house is smelling like Christmas and I have some of the things ready for the party. Don has his stuff to do and then I can finish the table. Some of it has been done. It is a gold cloth this year, with 5 little trees all decorated in gold and silver balls and two 24″ candles with gold and silver tassled ribbon tied around the crystal candle holder set down the length of the table..

Don wants everything labelled so people will know exactly what they are eating. The tree is up and, if  I say so myself, looks very beautiful. When it is time to do the tree, I grumble and grouse…then when it is all done, we walk around the tree and can tell who, what and when everything was put on the tree.  Christmas trees are really your life on display once a year. I really do love it. Honest!

Okay, now…..hmmm I think I shall get a glass of wine and sit down and make yet another list of what has to be done before next Saturday. Make that two and the list will really be complete. haha

Truly, this can all be fun. Take your time, Bake ahead, plan ahead, invite as many as you feel comfortable with at one time and just enjoy it.



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