Invitations For A Special Dinner

Set the date for your “Pre” dinner at least two months head (yes, October), as this enables the guests you want to come to work around all the invites that come their way.

At the beginning of December, set up the Christmas tree, and each day put on a Christmas CD and play it once or twice to get in the spirit.

Wrap your gifts now and set them under the tree. You have now begun the exciting process of removing stress and, as one of our guests commented, he had just received his “adjustment” and was ready to face Christmas for the first time in years after attending one of our pre-Christmas dinners.

We did this for many, many years with up to dinner for 12. When they left, we presented them with trays of Christmas baking. On each tray was 18-20 different items from tarts, cakes, candy and squares.

This way, I get to bake my heart off and really get into the spirit of the season before it even arrives.


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