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The B & B Cookbook

Testimonials of the Book

“What a delight to find ‘The Exceptional B & B Cookbook.’ We have always strived to have our B & B be a cut above, and this book not only provides delicious and different recipes (with pictures to match), but also gives tips and hints that help you be the best you can be. I would highly recommend this book for any B & B owner seasoned or new” – Gena R.

“This is not just another cookbook, it’s an interesting, informative and wonderful adventure in breakfast fare. The book starts with a short series of anecdotes, then graduates into a selection of gourmet delights so that you can comfortably and easily serve a two, three or four course affair. Well done Bonnie and we look forward to more of these types of books from you. A delight for all to read.” – Don P. **

I will offer from another book I am now working on, enough recipes, hints and suggestions for you to plan, organize and pull off without any stress, extraordinary dinners. All you have to do is sign on the Facebook page and check it out daily, weekly or whenever you feel the need for a dinner party.

Also, I’m working hard on my reviews of Hotels, Restaurants and Other Services to assist you, the traveler, an opportunity to check these out beforehand for you to make the decision whether or not to seek them out. Maybe a coffee table book would be the answer. Still deciding.

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