You Made Your Moms, Friends and Family Proud

Yes, we were disappointed but you didn’t understand, in your liquored state, IT WAS ONLY A GAME. So thank you one and all for showing the world just how we handle disappointment. My biggest thanks goes out to the Canucks who let me enjoy, laugh, cry and sit on the edge of my seat for 7 games and feel so alive. Well done. Truly, I thank you.

┬áCongratulations to all the hooligans that took part in that mob scene last night. You made your moms SOOOOO proud to watch you act like animals and look after that which wasn’t yours. Oh yes, your manners towards the police really showed just how well you listen when told to cease and desist and go home!

If our Judges had any gumption they should put one and all of these hooligans in the Army for 2 years (no excuses and no time off for time spent in jail). Then and only then will they appreciate and guard property, life and limb of others.


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