Dinner Concept

To make dinners and entertaining fun, try to set up a process that’s going to be comfortable for you and not too challenging to prevent you from completing your plans.

If you will just take five minutes more, try these steps:


1. Reread your menu. Is it doable? How much can be prepared in advance?

2.  Think about your table.  This is the stage you work on. Is it a theme? special party? Buffet? Finger Food only? Formal? Semi-formal? casual-elegant?

3.  Plan your plate. This is the first step. We actually ‘eat’ with our eyes first. If it looks good, then we want to proceed.  If it doesn’t, your mind says “take it back”.

4.  Plan your alcohol  for a signature drink, hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, dinner, dessert. If you only want or can afford one wine (white, red or blush) and one signature drink…run with it. Always try, if  you can, to offer white or red to your guests and let them choose. Wine snobbery is dead and people consume what they like.

5.  Add at least one special item to let your guests know you really enjoy their company. Always remember the royalty concept.  Make it fresh flowers, candles (just be sure to never leave a room with candles burning); flowers in the Powder Room. If guests are staying over, place a few flowers and/chocolates on the vanity table.

These ideas make it so much easier to be a great hostess, not a frazzled one.

It is easy, doesn’t take a lot of money, and it becomes fun. Give it a try.


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