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I have always felt adults were left out and only went through the motions of being happy and relaxed. Stress levels are high because we put the pressure on ourselves for the pefect everything for that one day.By using the ‘lead in’ approach to the holiday season such as Christmas, you as the adult, have shared one evening with like-minded friends, enjoyed it immensley and are relaxed enough to go ahead with your celebration day/dinner feeling happier than you have in years.  Try it once and see……….. it will give you the ‘mental adjustment’ needed to make it happen.

In the meantime, cook, bake and entertain with a passion that holds no barriers.

By the way, I keep getting a comment on my site that I am copying someone else’s story.  I have not now or ever, copied another’s story.  What you get here is only me. ’tis sad but true.

I hope you enjoy reading and using my recipes and ideas to make that ‘damn, I can do this’ level. It is only fun!


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