Romance At Its Best

A few years back  prior to Valentine’s Day, my husband pulled a fast one. We had already decided to give each other golf lessons, but he went one step further and left me with a memory I will never forget.

I was at work and we always went  for coffee next door. This one day (February 14) the girls were “hurry up and let’s go”  and they literally left in a cloud. It took me a minute to close down my computer and when I opened the door at the bottom of the stairs that led into the store, everyone was standing there with big, silly grins on their faces.

Customers and staff alike listened while a Barber Shop Quartet sang two incredible love songs, gave me a white rose (my favourite) and chocolates. I was so taken aback as never in my life before had someone been so thoughtful. The result: they had to get a mop and wipe up the tears. I was sobbing. I kid you not. This is true.

When I got home, I laid the table as I would for royalty coming, candles, flowers, champagne, “Jenny Craig” dinners, homemade angel food cake and homemade buttermilk sorbet. It was absolutely fabulous.

It is what I have been saying all along, it is HOW you present not WHAT you present. This is a memory never to be forgotten and yes, it is 20 plus years at this time and I love him most dearly. Lucky me!


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