Happy New Year

Take a moment before going out on New Year’s Eve to party the night away.  Sit down and write all your blessings on a sheet of paper….can’t think of any? I’ll bet you can write out more than you ever thought possible.

Our year of 2011 was blessed more than we ever could have thought possible. We moved to another part of the Province;  built and furnished our new home which was so exciting. Had family come and visit, we showed them all over our “faux France” as we so fondly call it. We were fortunate to take two vacations this year; we have five wonderful kids, two spouses, 4 grandchildren all of whom we adore; a smattering of friends; family and aquaintances that have made a difference in our lives. I have an Aunt who is 93 and counting, and Uncle in his 80’s, both who are like second parents to me and cousins I love and who make up my family. A husband who loves me unconditionally; food on the table, roof over out heads…..Blessed? Absolutely! Take it for granted? Never. A strong faith and wonderful Dr’s to look after us. We have been truly blessed and look forward to 2012.

May you all think before acting, love others even though they are different  from you, have fun and always be safe. See you in the New Year.


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