Bathroom Tips

We all seem to struggle with the soap scum that builds up in the shower.  One quick and easy way to remove it and leave the shower looking pristine is to wipe down the doors and tile with a wet cloth and a dab of shampoo.  Yes, shampoo.   When done, simply rinse.  Shines like a new penny! Use up the old bottles.  The shampoos remove the oil from your hair and will do exactly the same thing in your shower.

Would I steer you wrong?  Also, keep a rubber squeegy in the shower and simply run it over the doors and shower stall each time you use it.  This also cuts down on the build-up of soap scum.

If yu have harsh water or simply wish to clean the toilet bowl overnight, drop a vitamin C tablet in the bowl and leave overnight. The ascorbic acid in the pill not only remove any alkaline deposits and also get rid of any unpleasant odours. Simply flush it in the morning.

There, I have done my good deed for today. Later.


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