Job Hunting OR Promotion?

When we are out and about at either food kiosks in the mall or fast food places up to the higher end restaurants, in my opinion, it seems that young people today (up to about 35- 36 years old) haven’t a clue how to eat, chew their food or even behave.  Before you shut me off, read on…..please!

If and WHEN you are invited to have dinner with your boss, try to remember these few facts and it will be easy for you.

1.  Let the boss lead the way… he ordering a drink? If he doesn’t, don’t you UNLESS he prompts you to. He may have his reasons.  Also, don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu. Keep it cool and don’t drink too much.

2.  Do ask what the boss suggests for an entree (if you are in doubt). Again, do not order the most expensive thing on the menu. Follow the lead of your host.

3.  It looks so much better if  you don’t slouch at the table with your elbows leading the way. Please sit up.

4.  A tip for you to consider is not to talk with your mouth full. It could just be a deal breaker.  Also, make sure you keep the  conversation light and friendly UNTIL your host turns it to business. Watch your language.

5.  Always place the napkin on your lap and FOR SURE DO NOT wipe your nose with it.  That is disgusting.  Keep a fresh kleenex in your pocket/purse to use instead.

6.  To make it easier, if in an Italian restaurant, keep away from the spaghetti….nothing is worse than watching someone slurping the noodles in, while trying to have a conversation.

7.  Number One rule for sure…TURN OFF THE CELL PHONE AND DO NOT TWITTER OR WHATEVER! Leave that for when you are at home.

Now, that was easy, simple and congratulations, by the way,  on your upcoming promotion.  Even if your host slips on a few of these….don’t you.  He may just be testing…just sayin’.


ONE MORE TIP, be sure you raise the fork to your mouth NOT your mouth to the table. It  looks like you don’t know that the arm raises up and the elbow does, indeed, bend.


Now, go get cleaned up and smile! You look great. I really like the fact you didn’t forget to wipe  your shoes clean and that the girls didn’t go out with heels that needed repair.


In  closing, I have been around the Corporate block for many years and  I am lucky to have married one of the corporate elite.  Also, I had a Mother who cared about social graces and she taught us well.


Again, just sayin’.




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