Totally Puzzled

There is a  new house being built across the road. A couple of months ago, while a crew were working long, hard hours doing the stucco work, I made some fresh muffins and took them over. They were thrilled and very appreciative.

Today, there is a new crew putting in the cupboards and  I thought, since we don’t have a restaurant close , I will make some fresh blueberry muffins with a lemon/lime glaze and take them over.

I took them over, plate since warm, and they refused to accept them. About five minutes later, I had convinced them that I was, indeed, a neighbor and this is what I do. I was told to take them to the basement as they didn’t want them. Then he asked me how much were they. I, again, had to convince them they really were free and then, and only then did they grab  them out of my hands.

For someone who believes a good turn a day is a good thing, I am at a loss. Anyone who knows us and that we ran a B & B for so long, put on dinners without giving a second thought to anything, knows that there was no second agenda here.

I actually came in our home and asked God if I had done the right thing. Boy, am  I confused. Did  I do the wrong thing here?



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