Everything You Wanted To Know About Tortillas

When you go to a Mexican restaurant, if you are like us, you always ask for explanations of what is what. Here is the scoop…..


1.  Tortillas are soft, round flatbreads made from corn flour, water and salt. This is true and is a Mexican staple in their diet.

2.  If you heat a tortilla, fold it or roll it around a filling and eat with your hands – it is called a Taco.

3.  If you wrap tortillas around a filling and cover with a sauce and melted cheese – it is called Enchiladas.

4.  If your tortillas is made with wheat flour and not corn – it is called a Burrito.

5.  If you toast or deep fry a tortilla until it is crisp and cover with toppings – it is called a Tostada.

6.  Hard-shelled tacos are an American invention.


There, now we all know…just sayin’…


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