Happy Canada Day – sort of

We have already been to a neighborhood celebration last night and, although the temperature is inching towards 40 degrees, there is another one planned for tonight in the other direction and on the lake. So today, I thought would be a good day to finish planning for a dinner upcoming.

We are in the middle of planning (actually, it is me) a dinner coming in September. A very special dinner…..so I have been writing out the menu – sort of and then writing down all the ingredients that will be needed. When we return from vacation, we can just pop into Costco and then head on home.

Sounds good so far?   Well, three years ago I made a dessert at Christmas and I knew what it was but needed the recipe. So, I googled it – nothing. I checked every cookbook we own and – nothing. I jokingly said to my husband “wouldn’t it be funny if it was my own recipe  and on my site?”.  That was at the 2 hour time of searching.

Another hour and I then went to my sight and looked through every dessert recipe I have put on for the last three years. HA! There it was…so very long ago and all but smiling back at me.  It took me almost 4 hours of frustration before I found it.

Lesson to be learned from this? Look here first, of course. After posting almost 1,000 recipes here, you would think I was smarter than that.

Okay, I am so tickled pink about finding it, I had to share.


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