Packing Up

Today is the day my nerves have taken a bit of a hit. Tomorrow I am going to Osoyoos to demonstrate different ways to set the table for company during the festive season, beit for casual wine and cheese to Christmas at the lake, perhaps or at home and going all out.

We will be posting pictures, probably under the heading of “table settings” and I hope you will go and take a peek.

I hauled out everything that I would normally use in my home and then it hits me……this is Frances’ store and I am suppposed to showcase everything she has to offer. Let me tell you something….I could set tables for 8 hrs a day for a year and not use everything this store has to offer.

One thing that is too cool….Wild Hibiscus Flowers in syrup. When put into a glass of sparkling wine or 7-up, gingerale ….whatever is fizzy..and the flower opens up. They can be used on crackers and goat cheese with the flower on top or on top o f cheese cake slices. Beautiful …all edible as well. Way to go Frances!

So….after putting all my stuff away, I pack up what is essential and say a prayer for the best. I need a glass of wine.


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