Christmas Celebration With Friends

Tonight we are hosting a gathering of friends and neighbours to celebrate Christmas. It has been in the planning stage for about a month now. A list of what we want to serve….finding the recipes….buying what we need. If you do this over time, it is not so expensive .

The table has been set for days now….I still just stand back, look at it and then add something. That is how you get what we call ‘tablescapes’. We have a table in the livngroom just for wines and glasses. This really works well. We will offer the first glass of wine and then our guests can help themselves. We also have a special juice drink for a few who do not imbibe alcohol.

This is what will be on the table to help make the evening fun.


  • My homemade mini quiche with homemade bacon jam on top
  • Pistachio and blue cheese cookies (great to have with wine)
  • Don’s antipasto (yummmmmm)
  • Warm red pepper dip (easy to make)
  • Crackers
  • Cherry tomato ‘ornaments’ with brie and basil leaf, topped with tapenade
  • Cheese shortbread (again, super great with wine)
  • Mushroom palmiers
  • Potato Rostis with Lemon cream
  • Cheesy mini burgers (sliders with a difference)
  • Beef, asparagus and red pepper rolls
  • Cucumber rounds
  • Assorted truffles (homemade), chocolates, nuts


I promise, we will post pictures of the evening…the table beforehand. the wine/glasses table. We have 11 Christmas trees …should do the trick!



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