Table Setting Demonstration, Plus

Being excited to attend the Osoyoos Home Hardware Store on Saturday, along with a couple of florists showing how to make some incredible displays, another lady on a different level showing how to decorate the entrance to your home for the holidays, we packed up the car and left  so I could begin my ‘shopping’..

I was given everything needed to do what I like best….setting the table when anticipating company coming. Now, so you can even try to understand what this felt like….this store is on 5 levels, and I was given free rein to use anything she had to showcase some ideas. Well! Talk about a kid in a candy store. Believe me, I did 3 settings per colour setting in white and then black and gold, some were 2 settings such as a Santa Fe theme and then with  water-blue dishes. Also there was a whimsical setting with polka dot dishes for a party Buffet. What fun.

I could hardly walk when I left to go home. I was Exhausted….sore, but also happy. Then I got sad because I didn’t do all  I wanted to accomplish.

If I was even a month or two younger, maybe I could have done it all. Next time….if there is a ‘next time’. Take a close look at the pictures and then pick and choose what you want to do with your table.

Thanks Frances and her super staff. Go see for yourselves….WOW!


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