Number 26

This is the 26th Valentine’s Day my husband and I have shared. In the past we have gone out to expensive dinners, bought each other gifts and cards, oh my, the cards. They are so beautiful and romantic that I have saved each and every card he has ever given me.

Having just returned from Maui where we spent the lovely month of January we decided only cards this year. Sounds fair, right? So… is how things change in this house.

I decided to surprise Don with a really special dinner. He, on the other hand, had decided to surprise me with a special dinner. We both realized what was happening yesterday. I said (ever so wisely and yet, demurely, I will get the ingredients I wanted to get and you can cook it. And  you thought I was stupid? Silly you!

So today we went out and I bought what I wanted (he had to stay in the car) and then he has done his thing. Today I made the appetizer and dessert, set a special table in the dining room and gave him what we are having.

The menu:

Hors d ‘Oeurve  I don’t know what that is as Don is preparing

The appetizer: Crab and Avocado Creme Brulee

Entre:              New York Strip Sirloin Steak Topped with a Lobster Tail

Bacon/Cheddar Stuffed Potato

Vegetable:        Don’s preparing

Dessert:            Blood Orange Pound Cake Slices


Of course, the essential glass or two of wine and beer for Don.

This is what makes life fun and spur-of-the-moment. What do you think?



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