Memories of the Past Year

We always have memories…some good – some not so good but ours this year are absolutely amazing.

We had visits with family, cousins (several actually), visits with friends, and barbeques galore. As most of you know, our home was up for sale and, yes, it finally sold. We had planned over a year ago to go to New Orleans and take two of our ‘kids’ with us for Hallowe’en. We planned and we booked everything.

Not too long before we were getting ready to start packing we got an invitation to attend a 25th Anniversary of Don’s nephew and wife in Edmonton. Okay, so we change our flights and now we are ready to go. Two days before we leave, our Real Estate Agent and friend, Mark comes over and says “when are you leaving on your holiday?” We told him on Friday. He then says with a grin, well it will be sold by then. The offer is in. WOW and WOW.

Now from that Friday, October 14 to our return on November 3rd, we took 10 different planes  (to the party, then here to buy a condo and then to Calgary to get the kids and off to New Orleans and back and came home with 3 weeks to finalize the packing up and moving. Christmas was only 3 weeks from our move in day so, dear friends in all this, your Christmas card and letter will be late.

This summer, Don and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary and our children planned, set up and invited everyone my daughter could find in our phone book. The whole weekend was one surprise after another. Family, life long friends and neighbors came. Our deck held a sit down dinner for 40 people and was catered perfectly. The wedding cake we had was so much better than the one we had so many years ago.

We will never forget what they did for us and all the love they gave back to us and we are so grateful.

We have now moved, still settling in and with a couple more tweeks, our condo will be what we want and will be so comfortable for us.

So, although the card will be late, our wish to each and everyone of you is Merry Christmas and all the best for health and dreams to come true for 2017.


Lovingly posted.


Don and Bonnie


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