Just How Special Is This?

My birthday was fast approaching and, as in the past 60 plus years, I became very ‘down’. I never had a birthday party from 8 years old  until I turned 40 and then when I met Don. Don was always, always very good to me. Dinners prepared by him, dinners out. Sometimes family members were there.

This year he was very close to the chest with what was happening. On Friday, he said to me that today was OUR day to do whatever, go where ever and we did. We went grocery shopping at three different stores, went to a new shop (to us) and Don bought a Staub Baking casserole and I bought the bestest thing in the world. A door mat that says “If you forgot the wine, GO HOME”. I saw this on face book  over a year ago and wrote then that I wanted one. Now I found it. My two neighbors weren’t impressed but anyone who knows me, laughs. Onward….

I treated him to lunch to thank him for such a special day. I thought this was my present. A special day with him and no thought of work or house cleaning.. After all, we had just moved here.

Saturday morning I opened all the cards that mysteriously appeared all at once and then I opened my present, wrapped ever so prettily.  Inside was the itinerary for our trip to Ireland, leaving in a month. I couldn’t believe it. Not only that, he prepared a luscious dinner and invited our dear neighbors to join us. This was spectacular and so delicious. Also the phone calls and singing were so special.

Sunday, we went down to the park on the waterfront in downtown area, and walked for awhile then grabbed a snack and walked all the way back to the car. (We have to make sure we can walk when we get to Ireland).

Note to all: Don wins the prize for the cutest card and Kelly – well, she won for the funniest card. I was laughing so hard when I opened it, Don says “what has Kelly said now”. Yup, it was a funny one.

So, this was extremely special year and I am truly loved. I just won the lottery of life for sure. Thank you.


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