Your Choice When Accepting Dinner Invitation

As a guest you should always take a host/hostess gift. Wine, flowers, gadget for the kitchen or bar, homemade candy…it doesn’t matter but to watch people go┬áto these dinners with nothing in hand, shows no respect for the host. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just thought out and thoughtful.

After watching an “expert” expound that you should always open wine a guest has brought to dinner, I want to assure you this is NOT the case.

As the Hostess, if you have planned your dinner carefully and picked the wine and it is chilling, then you just say thank you and put it aside.

In truth, once you give it to the hostess, it no longer YOURS and should be her option. If your wine is chilled, then perhaps this would be a good choice. If she decides otherwise, it is no ‘rejection’ of your gift.

I don’t understand why an ‘expert’ would want you to spoil your plans over this.

Comments anyone?


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  1. So true. We have on many occasions also given wine as a hostess gift, and do not expect it to be served the very same night. The gift is for the host to enjoy and not necessarily for the giver.

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