Last entry 2010

  • It has been fun, for me, and I hope useful to you. We are entertaining guests tonight and have asked them to stay overnight. Two reasons: Can enjoy the evening with a drink or two and don’t have to worry about what is out there driving in the wee hours (if we can stay awake that long).  I am going to show you our menu and how easy it is to prepare.

As this is New Years Eve, we are going to really dress up for the evening. We will also try and spread each course out over the evening so it will, at least, be about 4 hours. Then the evening will begin. For us, this is entertaining at its finest.

  • Signature drink – New Years  Martini
  • Two kinds of Hors d’oeurves (one hot and one cold) not even sure yet just what but…
  • Coquilles St. Jacques
  • Papaya and shrimp with curry mayonnaise (plate licking delicious)
  • Rice
  • Asparagus
  • Salmon topped with Lobster Newburg
  • Ginger Cannolis,
  • Champagne for toasting , a different touch, for sure.
  • Coffee/wine/liqueur

Yesterday, Don made the Coquille St. Jaques, I made the filling for the cannolis and the dressing for the salad. Set the table, did the laundry, changed the bedding upstairs and put out fresh towels. This morning I will stuff the cannolis and place in the fridge until dinner. The salad is a two minute ‘put-together’ and the rest is as we go.  Try it and you will say (for the last time this year) Damn, I can do this!.

Bon Appetit. We will show pictures as the evening progresses. Oh, for your information, the dishes we are using are everyday dishes, We packed up all the good dishes when my daughter was here. I will show you  don’t need to have ‘everything’ to put on a dinner and showcase it to the best of what you own.


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  1. I had Coquilles St Jacques many years ago and vowed I would also make it one day, but need a really good recipe.
    Can you help??

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