Elbows and napkins and hats/caps, electronic devices

Remember to keep your elbows OFF the table. God madeĀ  your arms so that they do bend in the middle thereby raising the fork/spoon to the mouth and not the mouth to the table. Just a hint, of course.

If, for nothing else but respect, take off your hat when you enter a home, sit at the table to eat or in a restaurant. I don’t care if you didn’t comb your hair. Go the Bathroom and wet it down. It truly is a sign of maturity and proper manners to see this take place.

It is so sad to watch a couple on a date – she’s all dressed up and looking fine and he is in jeans (not clean) scrunchy shirt and a stupid cap on his head, elbows on the table and uses a napkin like a hanky. Oops, did I just hit a nerve?

Use cloth napkins whenever you can. Looks and feels like you care about the people who are coming to your home. They can be inexpensive and they wash and iron up like a dream.

When you are out for a meal in a restaurant, the thing to do is to put everyone’s phones, etc. in the middle of the table, turned upside down. The first person to turn one of them over, pays the entire check. It only takes one misstep here to NEVER do it again. Remember you came out with them to enjoy their company, you don’t need to play with the phone until the meal is over and you have left the restaurant.



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