Half Iron Man Part 2

It is now 6 a.m. and we are all showered and ready to walk down to the start of the race (swimming part) which is in front of our home. Then we will come back and have breakfast and then go back to the finish line around 12:15 or so and wait  with a tray full of homebaked cookies for Laura and her friends.  Should be fun!  They have to swim, ride a bike and then run. In August this year, Laura is going into the Ironman race. (approx. 17 hour race….I can only ask why?)

This is what commitment is all about. Bless her and those who do this.


1 thought on “Half Iron Man Part 2

  1. the cookies were exceptional, as one would expect from Bonnie.
    Can’t wait to see what cookies await the finish of Ironman, I hope they are served with a martini!

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