Too Early? Nah…

Yesterday we delivered our invites for…get ready….our “lead-in to Christmas” evening. For years we have done this and believe me, it is one good thing that really makes a difference in your attitude for the remainder of December.

I get frustrated that we all seem to think we MUST have the perfect tree, the perfect gift, the perfect turkey.  No one can keep that pressure up and expect to enjoy the big day when it arrives.

Step back, take a big breath , grab a coffee and relax.  Look at your calendar and pick a date at the beginning of the month (December). Write it down.  Now, make a list for however many people you can accommodate in your home. Done?  Leave it for a few minutes/or a couple of hours.

Do you want a dinner? (we did for about 15 years)…what do you want to serve? Be sure to start with a signature drink (see my lists for ideas) and what hors d’oeurves you can serve with it. After the first drink, switch to wine. Remember, it is only a signature drink.

Now think of an appetizer, soup or salad or both, then the main course, and lastly, dessert.

Leave it now and go back to it in a little bit.

More tomorrow……


1 thought on “Too Early? Nah…

  1. love the Scallop recipe..don’t miss out on the accompanied fruit salsa.. A real treat…It has become one of my favorites

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