St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the true Irish and also those who wish they were. When growing up, both my Mom and Aunt, who happened to be married to Irishmen, made everything green. I kid you not…the potatoes were green, veggies were green, dessert would have been green and whatever we drank (usually milk) got that same old green food colouring.  UGH!

I never did that to my daughter, probably because I couldn’t do it when growing up.

I can remember when I had turned 21, my Mom and Dad took me down to the local Irish Pub to sample the ‘green beer’. Well, it was the drink of the day, but I couldn’t get it down.  I like beer au natural and all my other food as well. (Besides, I don’t drink beer).

Have a great day no matter how you celebrate it and keep cool. Drive safe. See you tomorrow.


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