Half Ironman Race, Oliver, B.C.

Today we spent at the race….half Ironman, that is. My friend, Laura,  is in the race so we were down at the water by 6:45 a.m. to watch them hit the water. All 750 swimmers.

Wow…then I was going to help with the transition area where the swimmers leave the water and run to their bikes. We count the bikes left over to find out who didn’t continue with the race, Then I took the looooooong way home having to walk all the way, that is. Ouch!

We went back the race at about 1:00 p.m. to wait at the finish line with homemade cookies (2 kinds) for the racers when they finished.

They asked me why I did this, and I told them that the deal was Laura does the Half Ironman and  I will be there with cookies. Don, of course, is there as well. They promised to save some cookies for her and the rest were gone in seconds.

It is fun and all the racers are to be commended and all the volunteers did a great job. All over now…..next year!


1 thought on “Half Ironman Race, Oliver, B.C.

  1. As, usual the cookies are the best part of the day, and having friends and
    Family waiting at the finish line. Thanks again.

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