The Gift of Fathers

I was sitting in front of my computer getting ready to blog a new recipe when I started thinking about Fathers and the one day we celebrate them.

There are good and bad all over, but  let me share a few things with you….

My Dad was special in ways I never truly looked at until he passed away. I adored him but not in the same way I do now. Sounds strange? It’s not.

My Pop was born to Irish parents and took great pride in it. When St. Patrick’s Day was upon us, he always wore a little green.  Once we even went to a local pub to drink green beer.  My mom always tinted our food green back when we were small…and he would just beam.

He was a  man of his word and his word was bond. One never needed a contract to seal the deal..his handshake said it all.

Pop was a Mason of long standing and also a member of the Eastern Star, and when he retired from the railroad, he did a shift in the store at the local hospital because someone was ill and couldn’t do it. From that day…he  worked in the office in the records dept. for the next 17 years and had over 10,000 hours in volunteering.

I also never knew one person who didn’t love my Pop. I could go on and on but I digress….this week my husband’s two sons, Trevor and Maurice will be coming out here to go on a golf weekend with their Dad.

They go with a group of about 12 other men and have been doing this for about the last 3 years,  I believe.  They will never know just how much their Dad looks forward to this, until they share something like this with their kids on a regular basis. This is a real highlight for him and I am sure for the boys as well.

These are memories they will never forget and to me also….I miss my Pop more than ever but now I can sit on the sidelines and watch the same kind of bond with my husband and his sons.

God Bless Dads all over….I sure miss mine.


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  1. Thanks Bonnie for posting this. It was a very fun weekend with a bunch of great guys. I know we all enjoyed the time together.

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