Parent’s Anniversary

It is something I didn’t think would ever happen, I guess because I really didn’t give it any thought….dates you cannot EVER pass over as another day or not ever think about the special day for two people who loved each other so very much. These dates are forever in our minds and hearts. Birthdays, Anniversaries…….

My parents were married for 62 years and dated for 3 years before that. When you look simply at the numbers it is a long time….when you look at the family they had, the grandchildren and great-children…it is mind-boggling.

I was not the ‘favoured’ child by any means, but I never missed a day of phoning to say hi, or when I lived in the same city, planning the Anniversary parties for them, surprising them and seeing the looks on their faces. After being away from them for many years, they planned their own. They loved the excitement and family, friends and neighbors around them.

They are both gone now; my father for almost 13 years and my mother for going on 8 years. I miss their voices most of all and am trying so hard not to forget the sound of their voices; their mannerisms, jokes and old Irish sayings my Pop could come up with, or my Mother recalling “back in the day” stories.

My parents were very proud people. Proud of their heritage, their friends, what they had accomplished with what they knew.  We were lucky to have them for as long as we did.

Today is their “Anniversary”…so Mom and Pop….Happy Anniversary. I wish you were here so we could talk…about what we have done lately, where we are planning to go in the future and to hear, perhaps one more time “Freddie, don’t pat”.

Love you and miss you both so much.


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