1,000 And Counting

I made a promise over three years ago to my husband, Don, and my guru, Bill , that I would do this site every day….and I have. These two men are my great cheerleaders and teachers for me and I appreciate it, believe me.

There are signature drinks, soups, salads, vegetable dishes and meats, poultry and seafood and table settings ideas. There are Hors d’Oeurves, Appetizers…on and on.  Some have pictures and please know, our intentions for picture taking are pure of heart but, after we have consumed the dinner, we all exclaim “we forgot to take pictures”. This must mean we were starving or it was so darn good, we just ate and enjoyed it. (The latter is more of the truth).

I (and Bill) have tried six ways from Sunday to increase the number of supporters of this site but, either no one reads them or no one thinks to tell another person to come and try the recipes. There have been some (always want more, of course) comments of the recipes you HAVE tried.

This site and also the Damn I Gotta Read This site have become my passion and my “job”. You may agree or disagree and those comments are also printed. I don’t try to show that the recipes are so perfect your comments won’t show up. On the other hand, if I have said I didn’t care for a certain restaurant I will air opposing comments, HOWEVER, I cannot print silly statements from all their friends or staff trying to show otherwise. It is “I was there and this is what I thought”.

The comments, in general, have been so positive it stokes the juices to keep going. A feather in my (our) cap is after we put on a dinner for some very important people from Osoyoos Home Hardware, they asked us to do a cooking class in the Spring. Hoohaa! FINALLY!

This is something I have always wanted to do, but more importantly, hold a class or classes of entertaining at home…your home,  to make it easier, more fun and show that everyone who enters your home is ‘like royalty”. This means your kids, relatives, friends and guests get the same treatment. Darn, here I go again, oh well! If  you are  my family, you know of what I speak. I always set the table for Valentine’s, Birthdays and Anniversaries for the two of us the same way I would if you and your family were coming for dinner. He really is royalty in this home (and so am I).

My husband and I have worked together both “in the work force” and at home entertaining for 25 years. We have our strengths and not-so-strong abilities and work on them together. I think we have it down pat but there are always new things to learn, to try, to test and..sometimes, say no to.

Unless you are a professional Chef or have the backing of some pretty good sponsors, my site must be one of a small number for longevity…over 3 years – 1,000 recipes and 1 published cookbook. (have you bought yours yet?) and hopefully, in the future, more supporters. Just sign on.

Thank you for letting me come into your home and share what we do with you. I hope you will try to take 5 and make your table look great, try some of the more involved recipes and pat yourself on the back for succeeding. It can be fun…no, actually, it IS fun. Try it and then pass it on!

Now I have to go and blow out ALL those candles!!!! Where is the wine?


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