1000 Posts! and going strong!

Congratulations to Bonnie on her 1000th (that’s one thousand for those of you who forgot your reading glasses!) post.  We baked her a cake and got no where near all 1000 candles on it


Sorry, I didn’t get a picture after we lit the candles.  We were scrambling to put out the smoke detector, and then the table cloth.

In the meantime, look up your favourite post and find that recipe you always wanted to try.  Go for it!  And let Bonnie know what you think of her hard work.  Comments are so greatly appreciated!  Have no fear, or, as Bonnie says “Damn! I can do this!”


2 thoughts on “1000 Posts! and going strong!

  1. Thanks Trev. It’s been a long haul but fun at the same time…even when I make a mistake on certain martini recipes, huh!

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