Daughter’s Birthday

About 47 years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful 6 lb. girl,  named Kelly. In the time since then she has grown into a beautiful young lady, both inside and out.

I wanted to raise a daughter to be so much better, smarter and more beautiful than I could ever dream and certainly more independent. Okay, okay, okay…I went too far on the independent thing. I know this and I guess so does everyone else.

But in the same breath, I raised someone who can think for herself, is street-smart, never gives up on a new challenge (well, okay, computers…me too!)

If you are her friend, she will fight to the death for you or your reputation and give you all she has, if you need it without question.

Loyalty is one of her biggest assets for  sure. Another is taking her skills, ambitions and dreams and putting them together in one fantastic career. She is excelling here.

She is beautiful….she never knew this at any moment in her life, but she is. Modelling would have been a good move for her as well. She also is a great singer.

It sometimes takes many years to realize just what it is your mother (me) taught you and it is so funny to hear people say…boy, are you ever like your mom. She used to run away now she just says thanks.

Happy Birthday my darling daughter. I love you with every breath and I am so very, very proud of you and all your accomplishments.
Onward to many more…..



3 thoughts on “Daughter’s Birthday

  1. I am humbled & moved by this. Mother’s are biased, and I love mine for it.

    Thank-you for the wings to fly Mom <3

    Love you Forever & Always,

    Love & Peace

    Kel xoox

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