Another One Almost Gone

Well, another year has almost gone and I am very proud of all our accomplishments. We made new friends, kept old ones and pampered one and all. A few hurdles were overcome and prayers all answered.

Do you ever stop and think about what has happened to you, or your family in 12 months? We had our second grandchild reaching the awesome age of 19 years and, boy, does that ever make us feel a little older……just sayin’. Also this year, as mentioned previously, we had three Christmas celebrations for us to get all our family together. Well, one does what one can!

To make this short, as time is running out…..2 more days until the clock rings in another new year…one that is filled with plans, dreams and hopes. I know I will strive to be a better person  and help those more who may be without and love my husband and all our children and grandchildren with a better understanding of what they want, making new dreams and accomplish all they strived for.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful ride this year and I will be back in the New Year but first…..taking a little R & R with my handsome husband. Wish us well!

To each and everyone  Happy New  Year and drive safe.



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