Some Scary Day…..

Let’s go over events of yesterday. We had a lazy start, sitting on the lanai enjoying breakfast and a long coffee, watching the waves and people on the beach. After showering, we leave, taking our time as we are not in a hurry on our last day (so to speak) and planning what we are going to do today. Sounds good, yes?

On the way back from lunch, we decide to go back to the little church in Makena. Don says he needs his camera, so back to the apartment we go. It is now just after 1:15 P.M.  I noticed the time as there is a meeting of all the owners at 1:30. When we get home the phone is ringing and everyone is panicky…..they need to clean as new people are coming in at 3 p.m. and the cleaners need to get in.

We have  a problem here, friends, our plane doesn’t leave until midnight tonight….we ASSUMED our time at the condo was until this morning. I was already packed except for a few items and Don has to pack as fast as possible as the cleaners are on their way.

I emptied the fridge and we already had the apartment tidied up, so we start to load the car. As we are waiting for the elevator, the cleaners get off as we are getting on. WHEW!

Thanks to the cleaners who suggested a hotel next to the airport for us to stay or we would have been on the beach. It all turned out well and we did, indeed, still go to Makena for a last visit. (my happy place). It all worked out but was really scary while happening.

Okay, we are settled in the hotel now and are now leaving for dinner. We decided to go downstairs. Well, for such a high-end hotel the Bistro is sadly lacking. They should have a proper restaurant. The staff don’t appear to be interested and the food is suspect, at best. We leave and go to Marco’s for a wonderful Italian dinner. I had my favourite, Fettucine Alfredo, and Don ordered Clams with Linguine. It was so good. I will talk about this restaurant later but Dave was a wonderful server and the restaurant was packed.

We are now all packed this morning and almost ready, mentally, to return home. It has been a wonderful month in paradise.



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