Hookey, AGAIN?

Ya know, sometimes adults playing hookey is a good thing. My favourite sister-in-law is here for a week and we have been also dealing with fence hole digging, landscapers working hard in 34C. We went down to Omak, Washington Tuesday to get away from it all and yesterday we did the wine tasting tour (3) and ate dinner at the NK’Mip Resort in Osoyoos.

The landscapers are back and so, today we are going in the other direction ….to Penticton to look around. We have company for lunch tomorrow and company for dinner tomorrow night.

Okay, so we played hookey. It all stops now and I have to get back to work. On a serious note….it was so much FUN. Later.

Well, Are You Done Yet?

Shopping needs a list. Like most of the world, the answer is a resounding “of course not”. Do not despair, there is still lots of time before the big day.

The best way to go shopping is ABSOLUTELY go with a list.

It takes less time, less stress and the biggie….less money is spent when you go with a list and not just buy whatever you see on the shelf without thinking about it.

I feel a martini somewhere that needs to be shared with  you. Later.


Started shopping for the ingredients I will need for the marathon baking we do on November 11 each year.

It took about an hour (list in hand, of course) and away we went. Right now my kitchen looks like a cyclone hit it.

Don’t look – wait until Friday when it is back to normal. You should begin gathering all the ingredients you will need for  your baking.